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In the meantime, you might enjoy checking out my Trip Reports with photo commentary from a few visits to Las Vegas.

Febuary, 2004

August, 2004

May 2005

January, 2006

A humours trip report to the Imperial Palace   These events actually ocurred, I just added a funny spin to them.

 You can see some of the graphic work I did in tribute to the 9-11 terrorist act at America's Phoenix

Perhaps you might like to take a look at some digital magic I performed on some images of Las Vegas using Paint Shop Pro.

Before and After. A little digital magic performed on some pictures I took in Las Vegas.

Or, to see just some of the things you can accomplish with Paint Shop Pro you might want to take a look at some of these tutorial links:

How to add color to a black and white image:


Paint Shop Pro X version

Cutting things out from backgrounds:

Cut Outs

Paint Shjop Pro X version

An example of using this technique to cut people out of one image and place them into another image:

The Park

Heres an example of what can be done with Paint Shop Pro to clean up a badly damaged photo:

Photo Repair

My favorite technique to cut objects (people, animals, whatever) from an image is to use the masks technique in Paint Shop Pro.

Fun with Masks

Here are a few cloning projects I did on a few places in Ritzville, Wa.

Ritzville Clones

Heres an example of what I like to call creative selection.

Two Right Ears

This is another cloning projet I did

Archie Bunkers chair

This is my first attempt at creating special effects. This is a Star War's light saber effect.

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